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Testostene Replacement Testimonials and Reviews by Boston Testosterone Partners.

At Boston Testosterone Partners, we define success as our patients do.

We believe that candor, veracity and integrity are defined not by what a medical practice says about themselves but, instead, what the patients and clients say about the medical practice.

Boston Testosterone Partners /Core New England was founded by Physicians who pride themselves on openness, transparency and simplicity. Our industry low cost of $450 / 10 weeks of complete testosterone therapy is unmatched. Moreover, 99% of the other testosterone clinics and testosterone doctors never disclose their therapy costs or options until they gather all your personal information. Further, we charge no other recurring fees, nothing monthly, nothing annual, nothing billed automatically. We do not force our clients to unnecessarily purchase lab and diagnostic testing. Unlike most other clinics, we allow our patients to use their insurance for all testosterone blood work orders.

And our practice not only offers the lowest and best prices for Testosterone Replacement medications, but we go one step further. We lock in prices for our patients when they start, something very few Testosterone Replacement Clinics or Hormone Doctors will ever offer.

Our practice focus is squarely on the health of men. TRT is a small fraction of our practice. Many of our patients come referred to us by their Primary Care Doctors with joints and connective tissue injuries to heal and many with fat loss goals. And many of them, in addition to our TRT protocols, come for the Proprietary Injectable B12/Amino Acid compounds, Sermorelin GHRP2/Theanine , Glutathione protocols or our cutting edge neutraceutical injectables found only at Boston Testosterone.

The way we see it, there’s no greater view of what to expect than what others experience. It’s why we always read product reviews before we buy something. Honesty and integrity demand the reviews be impartial and voluntary certainly not contrived. And that speaks volumes when trying to figure out who the BEST TESTOSTERONE THERAPY CLINIC is for you!

We despise the industry standard of using fake patient names, acronyms and cities to post testimonials and reviews. All of our reviews are posted directly to our Facebook Wall by our patients themselves.

As such, we invite and encourage you to visit our Facebook Page for TRT Reviews and Testimonials: Boston Testosterone Partners on Facebook and read all the patient postings to our wall. Over 30,000 fans can’t be wrong.

A few of the most recent posts to our wall:

Massachusetts – “Just finishing 12 weeks of protocols with BTP and I have to say what a God send and life saver this has been. Charlie B. is an amazing guy and the staff and doctors are too. BTP has the best protocols in the biz and the best pricing too. I have never felt better in my life. I sleep through the night, I have the energy levels I did when I was 25 and have been in such a positive mental state it is great. I feel like I have a whole new lease on life.

I highly recommend all men to get their t levels checked. It will be the best thing you could do for yourself. Or better yet, give Charlie B a call or email and find out for yourself what I have discovered. Yes, I was skeptical at first and hesitated to take the first step. However I am so happy and thankful now that I did I want everyone to do the same. Instead of just getting older, I am getting better and so much happier.

Thank you Charlie B and BTP, you saved my life and opened my eyes to what I always thought my life should be.
If anyone wants to chat or talk just message me. I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you my have.”

New Hampshire – “CB, Great info and sites!!! If it was not for you I would have continued smearing that gel on me and blowing up my prostate to the point I’d have cancer by the time I’m 40 (32 now)… Guys listen to your body like you would your car, if there’s a flat tire don’t go in for an oil change, seek out the proper “repair” shop and get it fixed by the person with the most knowledge… You wouldn’t drive your kids around like that, so don’t do it to your body… I’m only in my first week of my Therapy with Charlie, but can already mentally feel a change happening… If your skeptical call Charlie, he will give you so much info that your primary Dr or in my case even my urologist didn’t tell me… Again, great post and thanks for everything Charlie, even the 11:30pm phone call returned after my first dose!!!”

UPDATE – “Wanted to post an update on my therapy so far with BTP and Charlie… Just did my third test/Vit D injection yesterday… thus far, down 2 belt holes (now needing to go pant and bet shopping) leaning out and feeling stronger not only at the gym lifting weights, but also at the rock climbing gym where i’m not lactic acid burning out as quick on the wall and also on the ice both coaching and playing… can’t believe its only been 2 full weeks… oh and I know guys reading this are going to read it and go see all he’s getting are superficial gains… let me get to the important stuff, waking up with energy (not slowly waking up downing 2 red bulls then getting in the shower), focus and memory getting better (i’m an Iraq and Afghanistan vet with PTSD and Traumatic brain injury, so this is HUGE for me) and I guess i’ll add in the any time any place anywhere part that my wife is now starting to really enjoy ;p … Charlie is an endless fountain of knowledge and answers when I need it, couldn’t ask for better service… can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!!!”

Pennsylvania – “I came across Charlies page by sheer luck and I thank God. A female friend of mine from the gym I go to liked this page and of course it showed up on mine. I had to check it out. Im reading it and saying to myself can this be real. Well let me tell I am 58 years old and have been working out for the past 35 years. My legs and back are in pretty good shape but for the last 8 years or so my shoulders have felt like they were screwed on with a pipe wrench. I dreaded my upper body workouts but I have a strong will and get through but as you can imagine it’s hard to get any results when you are in pain. I have moderate arthritis in my right one and tendonitis in both. I have been on the therapy for about 1 month now and I am simply astonished. My shoulders have loosed up to the point I can train without the pain. I also had a hard time building muscle. I feel like I am blowing up like a baloon. I had to tell Charlie he is the best he takes my calls and always returns them. I felt like I was a pain in the ass but could not believe the results I was getting. I called him just yesterday to tell him I feel like sprinting,fucking, jumping, boxing and I believe I can. I feel that good so if you have any doubts please believe me this will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself and I can’t thank Charlie enough it almost seems to good to be true! Oh yes and one more thing I forgot to mention I can cut glass with mr. Winky. It is simly Awesome!”

Massachusetts – ‎”12 weeks in and i feel fantastic. Charlie has been exceptional. Starting with my first inquiry, all my questions, ordering, and usage, he was automatic with a response and assistance. Everything now is simple and easy, but he still checks in and keeps me posted. Top notch service. Thank you Charlie!”

Texas – “just want to say thanks i’m feeling better i’m sleeping better i have started your program 1 month ago with mild deiting and medium excise i have lost 9-11 lbs it verys from day to day i have also lost 2″ in my belly girth of fat but most of all im getting the rest i need when i sleep sleeping like a baby once again thanks Scott”

Massachusetts – “I just thought I’d let everyone know that I’m being treated for my low T through Boston Testosterone Partners , and cast all doubts aside people from the morning after I started treatment I felt amazing. I feel like I’m 19 again energy level back up also concentration is on point as well as drive. This is no joke I’m no spokesperson or model just an average Joe. You will be happy with the results and so won’t your family, friends, and coworkers. The customer service provided is right on. They are with you every step of the way. Just ask it can’t hurt.”

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