Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is sometimes referred to as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). It is a system of medical treatment involving the administration of a series of hormones to boost levels or act as a replacement. TRT or HRT is for men and women over 30 with hormone deficiencies. It is intended to bring your levels to an optimal level that is still within the clinically normal range.

Testosterone is replaced by using either an injection or a transdermal topical cream. With our service, we prefer the use of Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate Injections over topical testosterone (creams and gels). Testosterone injections are the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE option for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. They also are the LOWEST COST options as well!

Men who are over the age of 30 suffering from low testosterone (andropause) can benefit from TRT. Typically hormones start to decrease by the mid to late 20’s. The best time to start replacing hormones is when you start to notice symptoms that affect your quality of life. It is never too late however to begin a program. Men in their 80’s have benefited from TRT.

Yes, there are numerous studies showing the safety of natural hormone replacement therapy. You will be bringing your testosterone levels back to where they were when you were 18 to 24 and reducing all dangerous estrogen levels currently in your body. No 21 year old male has ever got cancer from having great levels of testosterone (although it may have gotten us in other types trouble back then). Our doctors use only bio-identical hormones, equal in molecular structure to what the body produces naturally and we only treat patients with deficiencies. All patients are prescribed proper physiological dosages and are closely supervised and monitored by our physician.

As with any medical treatment there is always a chance of minor side effects. The potential for side effects is greatly minimized because our doctor only prescribes medically appropriate dosages. All of our programs include follow up lab testing to ensure the correct dosage and minimize side effects further.

Everyone responds to therapy differently but generally you can expect:

Week 1-2:
Increase in mental quickness sharpness and energy. An elimination of a mild to moderate depression. A generally improved enthusiasm for your daily life.

Week 2-3:
Better results from exercise and weight control efforts. More energy. An increase in sex drive.

Week 3-4:
Increased sex desire and spontaneous morning erections. After his hormones are at a healthy level, there will be a greater interest in being more active. And, if the man is in fact more physically active, he can expect further improvements in energy, endurance, muscle tone and reduced fat.

Remember the energy, enthusiasm for life and sex drive at age 25? That is what you can expect if you get your hormones to a healthy level. Patients also report much improved skin tone & texture; and an enhanced immune system.

If you are approved for therapy then your natural production is already declining. When you take testosterone you are giving your body what it is missing. If you decide to go off of your therapy program your levels will then return to where they were before you began treatment, which means back into Andropause and the related dangers of Low T. To minimize the any decline in your natural production, gonadal stimulating therapy is typically used during therapy. When outside (exogenous) hormones are introduced into the body the hormone producing gland senses that the body has an adequate supply and does not need to work as hard.

Yes, sexual dysfunction can have a number of causes, however raising your testosterone level is the best way to boost your sex drive naturally. If testosterone levels are low, hormone therapy has been successful in over 90% of patients with sexual dysfunction.

We have many different adjunct ED medications available through our physician that you may add to your TRT.

You will likely lose fat, not necessarily the weight as your lean muscle mass begins to increase and your body fat begins to decrease. The addition of a good diet and regular exercise is important to the success of your therapy.

Weight Loss – We offer numerous medications for fat loss. Once you are a patient of ours, you will have access to our uniquely compounded MICLipotropic, B12 Therapy medications.

Amino Acid Injectable Therapies – We also offer a variety of injectable amino acid therapies, BCAA Injectables, Glutathione, GAC, MIC, L-Carnitine to name a few. Our patients have access to second generation HGH releasing peptides as well.


No, No and No!!! Our doctor will only treat patients with Andropause or Hypogonadism deficiencies. If you do not test deficient for testosterone levels, you will not qualify for treatment. He will not prescribe anabolic steroids or Human Growth Hormone (HGH). There is no place for these in true TRT. All your medications will be FDA approved, US manufactured bio-identical hormones which are identical in structure to what your body already produces. Your body does not produce anabolic steroids. If you qualify, you will only be prescribed therapeutic dosages intended to bring your hormone levels to an optimal level that is within the clinical reference range.

Athletes who abuse anabolic steroids generally have normal hormone levels to begin with. They take anabolic steroids in order to increase muscle mass or get an unfair advantage in competitive sports, not to treat a medical condition or hormonal deficiency. These athletes are seeking super physiological dosages that are usually greater than five times the recommended therapeutic dosage. They also usually take blends or “stacks” of designer anabolic steroids that are not bio-identical in nature. This is very dangerous and can lead to serious medical conditions.

Very importantly, we do not treat men for bodybuilding, anti-aging or athletic performance. While exercising and diet play a HUGE and IMPORTANT role in the success of your therapy and your health, you will not qualify if you are not suffering from andropause or hypogonadism. Your blood results must conclusively show your testosterone levels are low. No exceptions. And, any discussions of treatment for bodybuilding, anti-aging or athletic performance with us will automatically deny you from treatment. No exceptions as well.

We are located at 5 Militia Drive, Suite 303-B, Lexington, Massachusetts. As a national center however, we are affiliated with Physicians both in New England and across the nation. Depending on your location, we will decide the lab that will do your blood testing and the physician that will conduct your physical exam.

Getting started is very easy! Call us @ 855-617- MEDS (6337) to speak to a patient care coordinator. We will be happy to discuss everything that is required to move forward and have you begin therapy with the doctor today.

For the fastest service and answers to all your questions, however, email our Clinic Director at to request an electronic informational packet.

You may also message us from the website.

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