Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are your testosterone levels low?

If you are suffering from low testosterone, you are not alone. While there are more than 5 million men suffering from low testosterone in the United States alone, a very small minority of these men actually seek help. Don’t suffer from the effects of low testosterone any longer. Our exceptionally talented and experienced team at Core New England provides much needed answers for such a difficult problem

Some signs that you may have low testosterone levels include the following:

  • You feel lethargic
  • Your energy level has gone down significantly
  • You are prone to weight gain
  • You are over 30
  • You feel depressed or irritable
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You have a low sex drive

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If you can relate to some or most of these symptoms, there is relief! We offer Testosterone and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that can stop and reverse these effects quickly.

Men who successfully complete testosterone therapy benefit from a long list of improvements including feeling healthier, stronger, more energetic, and much more confident.

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