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“Sermorelin and B12 Rocks!!”

Sermorelin and B12 Rocks!!

Michelle P. Danvers , MA September 24, 2012

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“could not lose the fat I wanted and gain the muscle back I …

I started Testosterone, HCG and Anastrozole 12 weeks ago. I was 220lbs 21% body fat. Yesterday weighed in at 206lbs 9% body fat. That’s 27lbs of fat lost and 16lbs of muscle gained in 12 weeks. Always maintained a healthy nutrition plan but could not lose the fat I wanted and gain the muscle back I had from my youth until I balanced my hormones.

Dave M. Somerville , MA September 28, 2012

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“You can’t beat the quality and price, they are great.”

Charlie is the best. He provides excellent service and is always available. You can’t beat the quality and price, they are great.

Jay B Worcester , MA October 11, 2012

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“You will feel healthier than you ever have”

I would personally like to thank Charlie B for helping me become a healthier man. His knowledge and support are second to none. He has made me feel like a new man. He is always there is answer all my questions and the medications are the best. I will continue with this company for the rest of my life. Thank you for EVERYTHING. If you haven’t gotten in touch with these guys I suggest you do immediately. You will feel healthier than you ever have and will be at optimum performance in EVERY facet of your life…

Jeff G. Framingham , MA October 25, 2012

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“From start to finish they all have been helpful and have …

I just started my first protocol with Boston Testosterone Partners and I am absolutely pleased! From start to finish they all have been helpful and have answered every question I could possibly think of. The meds are outstanding! Top notch folks right here.

Marcel N Portland , ME December 20, 2012

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“Hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

I wanted to post and say that I recently started therapy for Low T and I can’t believe how awesome I feel. I had pretty major surgery just over a year ago and ever since I’ve never felt the same. I figured it was something that would go away but it just got worse. I had my levels checked and low and behold I was right.
I started my therapy 3 weeks ago and I already feel amazing. My workouts this week have been insane and I’ve already started leaning out quite a bit. Hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
The group at BTP is AWESOME. Their response time is better than anything I’ve ever experienced with a company. Every call, text, email gets answered and it gets answered immediately. They really care about your health and wellness. If you’re on the fence I wouldn’t hesitate. Start feeling like the man you use to be and get your libido and energy back.

Pete W Templeton , MA January 4, 2013

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“This is no joke I’m no spokesperson or model just an …

I thought I’d let everyone know that I’m being treated for my lot T through Boston Testosterone Partners, and cast all doubts aside people from the morning after I started treatment I felt amazing. I feel like I’m 19 again energy level back up also concentration is on point as well as drive. This is no joke I’m no spokesperson or model just an average joe. You will be happy with the results and so won’t your family, friends and coworkers. The customer service provided is right on. They are with you every step of the way. Just ask it can’t hurt.

James L Malden , MA January 18, 2013

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“maintaining your hormonal balance will keep you looking and …

If you are over 40 and having fatigue and weight issues, you owe it to yourself to have a complete physical and blood work done. Boston Testosterone Partners physicians specialize in correcting hormonal imbalances and aging related problems. Having hormonal levels out of normal can lead to all sorts of age related health issues. A healthy diet, exercise and maintaining your hormonal balance will keep you looking and feeling young.

Kevin E Bedford , NH March 11, 2013

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Thank you to Boston Testosterone Partners for all your help …

Thank you to Boston Testosterone Partners for all your help and support.

John B. Danvers , MA March 15, 2013

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“Your clinic has changed my life!”

To Charlie B. and the Boston Testosterone Staff, I just wanted to say thank you!! Your clinic has changed my life! For all you guys that are reading this, if you feel like you have any symptoms of Low T and your doctor refuses to test you or keeps blowing you off and saying its just part of getting older…it’s total B.S.!! It’s so dangerous for doctors to be doing that to us, we should never be forced to live with Low Test levels because a doctor doesn’t want to test us. It’s absurd. The risk of men having heart attacks from living with low t are too huge!! And doctors don’t want to talk about it. Boston Testosterone understands this and explained all the clinical studies to me.
I also did a lot of research and called all the other testosterone therapy doctors in the US. No other doctors explained the importance of balanced hormones like Charlie did for me. There is a reason why they are ranked number one by google for best testosterone the therapy doctors!! Hands down, Charlie is the most knowledgeable person I have ever spoke to in the Testosterone Replacement field and he is also unbelievable attentive to my concerns. Not once has a phone call, text message or email ever gone unanswered!! My first call into him, he returned to me while he was on vacation with his family. We spoke for a long time and I never got rushed off the phone either. Couldn’t believe it. He talked to me in works I could understand too. That level of care and service is unheard of today.
Give Boston Testosterone a call and change your life! I now have access to many therapies that my doctor has totally no idea about. All great and healthy things like glutathione therapy. I battled for so long until I came across BTP. I feel compelled to write this for them and for you.
If you are like me and are waiting to find the best clinic to use for testosterone therapy, look no further. Boston testosterone has the best protocols and the lowest prices for these medications in the US. Others like me don’ts have to suffer needlessly anymore or make the wrong decision in choosing a doctor. I can’t believe what a difference the Boston Testosterone protocols have made for me. I feel like my old self again. Energy, fat loss and my strength are all back. It’s night and day from what my prior doctors has me on. Call him and you’ll experience it firsthand. Charlie is a man of his word, honest and just one of the good guys out there!! Pretty obvious from reading the facebook page too. I’m just so happy to be able to consider him a good friend of mine. Thanks again my friend!

Stacy L. Jefferson City , TN March 18, 2013

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“I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I feel like I’m 10 years younger. …

I’ve been working with Charlie for about 8 weeks now and I can honestly say this has changed my life. I’m 39 years old and I’ve always been very active and took care of my health. The last couple of years I have been lacking energy, not motivated to work out and it’s just been a struggle. I went and got tested 10 weeks ago, come to find my levels were all off. Sever low T, etc. Fast forward 8 weeks and I feel like a million bucks. Energy is Great! I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I feel like I’m 10 years younger. This has changed my life.

Jason M. Milford , NH April 10, 2013

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“The TRT protocol designed is virtually painless and easy to …

I hope some of you find my story helpful if your considering TRT. I started this journey almost a year ago and it’s had its up and downs. I’ve tried bi-weekly shots and gels as well as test after test and I;m happy to say Boston Testosterone is where this story ends.
I started off doing bi-weekly injections and that worked pretty good but waiting 14 days between injections can leave you feeling a little faded.
Then my doctor suggested I try gel therapy. That was the single most disappointing thing I’ve done to date. I went back on bi-weekly injections but I felt like there was something more I could do.
That’s when I found Boston Testosterone! The clinic director told me all about the advanced stuff they’re doing and I was sold. Weekly injections, Hcg and anstrozole is the standard protocol for their TRT (details on their website). That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
When you join you can expect the best service out of any medical professional you will ever deal with. For instance: Charlie the clinic director becomes more than just a person you deal with, but a friend. You can text him just about anytime and get a response in minutes. Phone calls and emails are always answered right away and he genuinely cares about you.
The TRT protocol designed is virtually painless and easy to follow. He sets you up with everything you need to get going.
After almost a year of TRT I’ve lost 49lbs., got my strength and agility back and fell like I did when I was in my teens and early 20’s.
So if your wondering about TRT don’t wait contact Boston Testosterone now.

Dana B Marblehead , MA April 15, 2013

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“I’m getting ripped faster, packing on muscle, burning fat …

The best thing I ever did for myself was getting on board with Charlie at BTP. Charlie is an awesome guy to work with! My blood tests came back low…as I already felt anyways…also more disturbing was how overworked my kidneys were! I was blowing my money on over the counter supplements, shakes and powders, trying to feel better and more energized but only killing my body and wasting money with little results. I stopped all of it and started with BTP therapy and I feel and look the best I ever have in my life!! I’m 43,..work 14-16 hr days in constructions, study martial arts, lift weights all week. I’m getting ripped faster, packing on muscle, burning fat off, healing faster, sleeping better. This is all in just 8 weeks! The best thing I ever did for myself! Thanks Charlie and the BTP Staff.

Kurt S Wakefield , MA April 16, 2013

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“As a grown man I am the one that is responsible for how I …

When I told my primary care that I wanted my test levels checked she told me “Oh no we don’t check that at your age.” Next time in her office I asked once more telling her that from the research I had done that it was reasonable to believe that given my injuries, chemical exposure and military combat experience that my levels had increased, and my sex drive had taken a big hit. My eating habits were still the same and I was still in the gym just as much and more. She then told me “Well that’s just how it is for some people. It’s natural.” So I went and had my test levels checked anyways. Once I got my test results back low and behold my levels were extremely reduced! Wow who would have thought? My primary cares opinion was that in her experience nothing was wrong or if there was it was natural and just “something you have to deal with”.
And that answer to me was unacceptable. As a grown man I am the one that is responsible for how I feel and how I look. And I can now say I’m on the way to both those things being back to normal for me. Thank you Charlie you are the best!

Will C Boston , MA April 24, 2013

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” I’m seeing and feeling some amazing results”

Contacting Charlie and BTP was the single best thing to happen in my life in years! No joke. I’m a natural skeptic so I debated with myself for months about whether BTP and T Therapy were right for me. Well, let me assure you it was 100% right for me and Charlie is the coolest guy to work with. He responded to my inquiry immediately, explained the whole procedure and listened & answered my questions (there were many) :/ I’ve been on the BTP therapy now for 4 months and I’m seeing and feeling some amazing results. My energy level is way up and I’m working out harder and doing hot yoga. I’m feeling more confident in general and my body is getting ripped. At age 55, that is pretty exciting and amazing. I want to thank Charlie and BTP for getting started on this very positive journey!

Bill P Lynchburg , VA April 27, 2013

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“they actually care a lot about my health and are always …

My name is Rich M., I’m 38 years old and have been on the testosterone replacement therapy from Boston Testosterone for nine weeks after finding out I tested very low for testosterone. I already lost two belt sizes on my waist. My energy level has increased a lot. I had some rear fat and man boobs. They are gone and my entire body is getting tone.

My co workers have told me how my stomach went down and upper body increased lean muscle mass. I have received the best care and knowledge from the doctors and medical staff at BTP. I highly recommend getting your levels checked and joining this team.
If you think you may suffer from low testosterone and feel the symptoms of Lot T, call Boston Testosterone and find out how to get started. If you qualify for their therapy, I guarantee you’ll look and feel better in weeks. I saw many doctors before seeing them and they are by far the best option. The customer service is amazing, the doctor and staff at BTP are always calling me to check in to see how everything is going or to see if I have any questions about my protocol. Unlike any other doctors they actually care a lot about my health and are always looking out for me with diet tips and recommendations. Thank you!

Rich M Freehold , NJ April 27, 2013

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“More energy, stronger, clear headed”

Starting week 4 today and couldn't be happier. No longer feel like I have to take a nap in the middle of the day. More energy, stronger, clear headed. Can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks brings. Their service is the best thanks to Charlie. He's always available if I have questions).

Steve W. Williamstown , NJ May 5, 2013

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“I can’t wait to see where this next step takes me.”

Over 6 years ago I was tested for Low Testosterone (Low T) and was told at 220 I was still within range and on the low side of the bell curve. I requested my primary care physician (PCP) the test because of articles I had been reading with men’s waist size and correlation to Low-T, and the increase estrogen. Well I trusted my PCP and over the next 5 years gained 50 pounds, and what triggered another request from my PCP is the fact I could not shake a seasonal depression, which only last 4 weeks, that now turned into 4 months. When I was finally tested again my T was at 114! At this point my PCP referred me to Endocrinology. Being a patient at the VA this took some time, then after starting with 200mg every other week via shot I was having mood swings and the depression was not lifting. (The T got to 347) so they switched me to Androgel. The mood swings dissipated but not the depression. My last visit to the Endocrinologist my T was 202, and when I asked what he was going to do about that, he stated lets go another 6 months as is.

By this time, I was more than pissed and after having done some research on Low –T and seeing Boston Testosterone Partners on facebook, I decided to make contact. Charlie responded to my inquiry and was more than willing to answer any of my questions. I decided to start only the TRT program (even though it was no longer free [VA]), as I need to get out of this depression. Charlie wanted me not only to be within range but optimal range (600-800). I figured I would give this a go and see if it is better than what has been happening for the past year.

Within 2 weeks I started feeling better, the fog lifted and I started wanting to go do things again. I went ahead and had my T levels analyzed by the VA (I was going in for a 6 month review) and even though it was early, my T levels was in the 700 range. It has now been a month since starting the TRT program with BT, and I have felt so much better, than I have ordered and just received the sermorelin ghrp2 and Cialis troches. I can’t wait to see where this next step takes me.

Thank you Charlie and BTP!

Zack K Berkeley , CA May 8, 2013

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“This is a company I would recommend to my family and …

I would like to take a moment to thank Boston Testosterone Partners for their support and for being a company of integrity. I was excited to get started with this company. After I paid my initial payment I became straddled with many unexpected bills. So I sent a simple message asking if they would refund my initial payment,

No questions asked they refunded the money immediately. I manage a very large company of integtriy and its nice to know there are others out there. I look forward to working with BTP again soon.

This is a company I would recommend to my family and friends. Thank you

Ted D Salt Lake City , UT May 10, 2013

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” I only wish I had started this a long time ago”

I normally do not write endorsements however I have to make an exception for Boston Testosterone Partners.
I started a TRT program at Boston Testosterone Partners 6 weeks ago and have never felt better. I am sleeping the entire night, I have more energy than I ever imagined, I feel stronger, healthier, I have an appetite, my workouts have been stupendous and the change in my physique is amazing. My friends and family all say I look 10 years younger and have a life and light in my eyes that they have not seen in a long time. I only wish I had started this a long time ago. Also, another key factor has been working with Charlie Blaisdell and the staff specifically. What a great asset they have been throughout the entire process. I consider him more like a trusted friend than anything else. If you have been considering starting with the program, JUST DO IT, don’t wait another day or week. As I said earlier, I only wish I had started a long time ago. The reality is I didn’t know how bad I was feeling until I started to feel great again. I did my research of the program and the group, checked everything out and pulled the trigger and started. Before I started the TRT I seemed to just be sitting along the sideline waiting for something to happen. Now I am making it all happen with a smile on my face and a kick in my step. If I can help at least one other man that is experiencing all of the symptoms and side effects of Lot T then this endorsement is worth it. I will gladly answer anyone directly if they have any questions. Thank you BTP and in particular Charlie!!! I am living my life again!!

John M. Miami , FL May 16, 2013

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“I am now getting the best sleep every night and my mojo is …

I just wanted to thank Boston Testosterone Partners and Charlie for giving me my life back. I am 37 years old on week 4 of therapy and all I can say is wow. My family doctor told me my test level was fine at 200 and I knew that was a crock of bull, so in desperation I called Charlie to help me because I felt like I was slowly just wasting away. He educated me, had me evaluated, and helped me with any questions about my tailored program. Well, it’s only been 4 weeks and my waist has gone from a size 38 to 34, my strength on all lifts are steadily increasing in the gym, my energy level is out the roof, and I am not struggling to stay up past 8pm every night. I am now getting the best sleep every night and my mojo is back.
Thanks again to BTP for giving me my life back.

Chris P Mansfield , PA May 23, 2013

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Hello, my name is Ed. This is a first for me. I rarely read testimonials because I just don’t believe them. Now I am writing one. Here is a bit of history on me. I am 47. IN 2002 I competed in a bodybuilding competition I tore my right rotator cuff and had surgery just after the competition. During the recovery I ended up tearing it up again and then I needed reconstructive surgery. It was a 3 year long recovery. During those 3 years I ended up gaining 80 pounds and lost all my energy. I was very depressed with my physical being. I was lethargic, achy, and I was always tired. I knew that what was happening to me was not normal. I went to my personal Dr. and got blood work and an exam. The biggest thing that stuck out was that my Test count was 179. Normal is between 800 and 1,200. I asked if he would give me a prescription for TRT however the “Dr.” didn’t think I needed it. I went home and did all the research on test and found out that low test is a precursor to diabetes, strokes, heart attacks. I decided to go to an endocrinologist thinking they would know the importance of hormone replacement therapy. I had no luck there. I then tried an Anti-Aging clinic, and if I was willing to spend $1,500 a month for test alone all would be ok. I was not. I was referred to another Dr. whom prescribed Axiron 30mg. In the first 6 months my test went up to 279. Still low, but I was feeling much better. I was going to the gym again. I was much happier. I did have one setback. I ended up getting a tear in my left bicep. The next 6 months it all went back to the way I was before. My new blood test showed that my count went down to 123! The Dr.’s answer to this was just keep the Axiron and “Let’s see what happens”.

I was about to give in when I heard Boston Testosterone commercial. I filled out the form on line; Charlie called me up right away. I told him all my issues and he had me up and running within a week. We all know about how the Test is needed. Well my concern was about the tare in my bicep. Charlie strongly recommended the sermorelin ghrp2. THIS IS A MUST! IT WORKS!! I am telling you I have no more pain in my bicep and I am getting all my strength back in that arm. Charlie and Boston Testosterone – THANK YOU !!

Ed S. Schaumburg , IL June 13, 2013

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“I’m alert, energized and just ready to attack each day”

So I just finished week 19…added Gac, ghrp2, gluthione. The difference from my first 10 weeks to this set was unreal…energy up 10 fold, my moods (stupid PTSD from Iraq and Afghanistan) much improved says the wife 😛 and then the GAC!! After week 5 I finally did a press with minimal pain! 32 years old and I haven’t been able to do a shoulder press in 8 years. Arms went from a tiny 14” to a not tiny 15”. Not only am I feeling more and more daily like the 32 year old man I should, but my wife is loving the changes, both physically and mentally. I’m alert, energized and just ready to attack each day, unlike when I was first diagnosed and was slapping those gels on me with no results after almost 8 months. A HUGE thank you to Charlie, not often you get a guy like him who gives a damn about each and every question I have and every patient he has. Thanks again! Can’t wait for this weeks package.

Jon C. Derry , NH June 18, 2013

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“Let me make this clear, Boston Testosterone therapy works …

My long awaited BTP testimonial. I’m 42 years old and almost to my 24th week of therapy. I’ve always been a “fit” type of guy, whether it be bodybuilding, running, P90x, etc. Staying in shape was something that I usually did a pretty good job of, but as I got older my desire seemed to dwindle. Over the last 6-7 years getting out of shape got a lot easier, and getting in shape became a lot harder. All I wanted to do was sit around being tired and eat. In the past, any time I got out of shape I usually didn't have too much trouble getting right back. My mood decreased along with my sex driver. I was also having tons of little nagging injuries that just never seemed to heal. What the hell was wrong with me? Why was I having so much trouble doing what I’ve always done? I started to buy into what people said about getting older but I sure wasn’t happy about it. When I did work out I felt like I was just going through the motions instead of “attacking” the workouts like before, and afterward I couldn’t get off the couch for the rest of the day. Last summer before a vacation I forced myself through about 40 days of P90x and I used the same exact diet plan that I used 9 years earlier that got my body fat into the six percentage range. I didn’t lose a pound, I couldn’t believe it. After another six months of being miserable, I ran across a facebook “like” from one of my friends for Boston Testosterone Partners. I immediately asking him what it was all about and read all the information on the website. I literally showed every symptom that they had listed, but of course I was still skeptical. After all the bodybuilding “supplements” out there claiming everything and then some, it’s easy to be skeptical these days. After a few weeks of research (I’m very thorough), I finally decided to make the call and got in touch with Charlie. He answered all my questions and didn’t rush the conversation even though he is super busy. It felt like talking to an old friend. I signed up, got my physical and blood work done, and started therapy. Within a few weeks I felt like I have never felt before. My workouts are incredible, my nutrition plan works again, and my desire to train and diet is through the roof. Sexual desire is also off the charts. And thank Goodness, all the nagging injuries are gone! Let me make this clear, Boston Testosterone therapy works and is worth every penny. I just wished I would have signed up earlier. To date, I have lost 50 pounds and my motivations Is just as high as it has ever been ….thanks Charlie!

Matthew B. Highland Heights , KY July 9, 2013

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“I am truly grateful”

I would like to thank Charlie for his dedication and patience. He has made the process of starting and maintaining treatment seamless. I am feeling better than ever! More energy, clear thinking, and an incredible sense of well being. My family notice the difference in my moods and motivation. I am truly grateful. Thank you Boston Testosterone Partners!

Dave B Cumberland , RI September 16, 2013

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“The protocols rx’d by the Dr. are awesome and have worked …

I wanted to first say thank you to Charlie B for his amazing customer service and assitance since starting my protocols with BTP. He is not only a great business man but also a trusted adviser and a friend. He means it when he says he is available 24/7. So Thank You Charlie!

I have been working out with weights and playing competitive sports for over 30 years. Needless to say I am feeling the aches and pains associated with age and the over use of my joints and muscles. Recovery has become so important now that I am in my 40s and God knows I have tried EVERY over the counter supplement known to man. None of them work. In fact many actually do more harm than good. Finding BTP was the best thing that has happened to my fitness, recovery and overall health. The protocols rx'd by the Dr. are awesome and have worked wonders in just a few short weeks. Needless to say I am a firm believer and supported of BTP.

I added GAC to my routine about 4 weeks ago. My shoulders and knees were hurting constantly and thought I would give it a shot. (no pun intended) In just a few days I began to notice improvement in mobility and overall soreness was going away. I didn't change anything else in my workout routine, in fact I was able to do more without the pain.

This stuff was working!

Yes I am still sore but this is from being able to do more and push myself harder than ever before. It's actually a GOOD soreness. My workload has increased and not limited by the constant aches and pains I was feeling before.

Since adding the GAC I have noticed all the benefits outlined by BTP. This stuff works....Period! If you are thinking about trying GAC...just do it. You will be glad you did.

Ben R Danvers , MA September 26, 2013

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“I highly recommend them if you think you may be suffering …

I am 35 year old, happily married with two children.I am very athletic and have watched my diet my entire life. I care a great deal about my health. Over the last 2-3 years though I have been noticing that it's harder and harder to balance my work, gym and personal life. With that being said I had seen some ads for the symptoms of "lot T" so I googled what it was all about. After reading up on it, I found that I fit into many of the Low T categories. I also googled local boston doctors that can help me and found Boston Testosterone Partners. I went through their process to get tested and examined and found out that I did indeed have low testosterone.

The doctors and the practice manager Charlie, walked me through everything and got me started on my testosterone replacement protocol as well as their glutathione therapy. Everyone should be learning the importance of glutathione therapy. Contact Charlie B, he'll explain all about it.

But I just wanted to say here that EVERYTHING that BTP and Charlie B said they would do, they have done, and more! Charlie even has given me his personal cell phone number, for any questions or concerns I may have. He always replies to my text messages as well, even after hours and weekends. Charlie even called me tonight at 11pm to answer a couple of questions! The service, honesty and skill of everyone at Boston Testosterone is amazing. I highly recommend them if you think you may be suffering from Low T. You won't find a better medical practice than BTP!

Eddie A. Lowell , MA October 5, 2013

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“They care about their patients plain and simple and that in …

This is a first for me, writing and endorsement. But after being with Boston Testosterone partners for six months I feel compelled to say a few words here today. I was referred into BTP by a friend after discussing the symptoms of low testosterone. After going through the blood testing and their physical exam and evaluation I was diagnosed with low testosterone and placed on btp testosterone therapy. I was also placed on glutathione therapy (amazing stuff by the way) B12 and amino acid injectables and sermorelin ghrp2...but most importantly before I get started, I asked the doc and practice manage Charlie Blaisdell, about how this therapy would effect my fertility. That was really the most important part to me and my wife. I read and read the internet but there's so many different things out there that I didn't know what to believe. When I asked BTP the unequivocally said "no problem, we have an outstanding fertility protocol we'll put you on" they also told me about other families and their success they were having with the BTP therapy. So I decided to go for it. Let me tell you the changes have been unbelievable! My life has completely changed around! I know sleep the entire night. My energy levels are through the roof. I'm stronger, leaner and more muscular. My mind is clearer and sharper. Everything is more clear and brighter overall. As a business owner, all this has helped me become very productive at work. My sex drive it way up!! It's like I'm 21 again!! All my friends and family can't believe my transformation and want to know my secret.

Honestly I look 10 years younger. The big thing for me as to why I wanted to write this review was the results of my fertility tests. After going back to my fertility doctor, he retested my swimmers and told me they are now very high!! I saved thousands of dollars by not paying fertility specialist to boost my count. So I feel compelled to write this today. I cannot speak more highly of BTP, their doctors and Charlie B. He is a true professional and someone I now call a friend. Never has a phone call, email or text gone unanswered. After hours or weekends, I always get replies. Every time refill I am contacted by the doctor to discuss any questions I may have. I've never experienced this kind of service from any medical professional, ever!! They care about their patients plain and simple and that in itself is very rare these days.

Last but not least the prices are very affordable. I did shop around the other doctors who provide the same service in the area and it wasn't even close.

Hopefully this review helps others out there. My wife and I couldn't be happier. Without any reservation I highly recommend BTP to any man looking for great men's health practice. Thank you BT for all you have done for me and my family.

George K Brockton , MA October 10, 2013

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“Ultimate skeptic to satisfied customer”

Ok...now the testimonial from the ultimate skeptic. I typically don't read advertisements at all because I don't believe a work of what is written. The only reason I found Boston Testosterone Partners (BTP) was because my wife had read up on the symptoms of low testosterone and kept nagging me about it. After ignoring her for about two or three years, I finally did some digging of my own and found BTP. When I read all of their claims, my reaction was, "yeah right...another scheister promising the world with a little pill". However, I couldn't ignore the fact that I was indeed experiencing the exact symptoms of low testosterone: lethargy, weight gain, lack of sex drive, etc. I was 50 and was conditioned to expect those things at this age.

However, at Christmas of 2012 I hit 235lbs. with a body fat ratio of 33%, I realized something had to be done. In addition to the weight, after literally decades of medication, my cholesterol level was almost 300mg/dl, and my triglyceride level was 445. I was on a fast track to a heart attacked. Since years of medication had not worked, I figured I'd try something else. Since no one else's patient reviews were as prominent as BTP's, I thought if only half of the claims came to fruition, it wouldn't be a total loss.

After going through the initial contact, physical exams, blood testing and the diagnosis of deficient hormone levels, it was February 2013 before I started the meds...10 months ago as of writing this...and a normal 10 months this has not been at all. I've gone through a contentious divorce and a move overseas.
With all the upheaval, my gym time has been minimal at best; however, I have still managed to lose 10lbs. and my body fat percentage is now 25%. To do this I lost about 20lbs. of fat and gained about 10lbs of muscle...once again with minimal gym time. I now look substantially better even though my diet was suffering because of the upheaval.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY to note, my lipid panels and blood chemistry is now for the first time in my adult life: my cholesterol level is 144 and a triglyceride level of 114 as of my last testing. It's never been that good after years of drugs pushed at me by my doctors.

Were it not for Boston Testosterone, there's a good chance that with all the stress of the past year, I would have checked out like many other men in their early 50's and this testimonial would never had been written.
I could go on about all the other positive effects that BTP therapies have has on me: energy, attentiveness, sex drive, etc. that everyone else has written about, but suffice to say, I'm a believer because I've seen it happen, personally. I feel better today than I did 20, even 30, years ago. Every one of the claims BTP makes on their website have been manifested in my life over the past 10 months, My blood chemistry is a very welcome additional bonus.

Over the next few months I'm planning on adding more into my regimen, but I'm hitting a few cold shipping snags since I'm overseas now. However, BTP's director, Charlie Blaisdell, their point guard and quarterback between my doctor visits, has been very helpful through this process. He;s always a text, email or phone call away for me even during his after hours and on his weekends. He has never let a call or a question go unanswered. There's honestly nothing else I can say about their clinic and medical treatment that my predecessor reviewers have not already said. We have a plan going forward and I will be working with BTP for a long time in the future. I'm looking forward to adding in glutathione injectables and BTP superfoods once I get back stateside.
If any men are in the same boat as I was, I strongly urge you to contact BTP ans start the process. Our health is our most important commodity.
Ultimate skeptic to satisfied customer. Thanks a million.

John G. Lexington Park , MD November 10, 2013

default image

“I have not seen my soon so BOTH physically and mentally …

Hey Charlie!!! So Kim and I go in on Monday for the 20 week appointment, hoping to kid out the sex of the baby, I feel like I almost need to name the baby after you if its a boy, it was a year ago this month I started pestering you about your treatments, after close to 2 years of my urologist making me rub that crap all over...the next month I placed my first order with you and 2013 has been a year I will NEVER forget, being told at 30 with your soon to be fire that the process we would have to go through to "TRY" and get pregnant, to being just 33 now and almost a full year with you, the DR's and all the great workers at Boston Testosterone Partners, h it being thanksgiving weekend, I cant do anything but thank you...you have not only changed my life, but in turn my wife's, my mother and all my friends and family...at dinner my mom toasted to me crying like a mom would about her baby boy saying "I have not seen my soon so BOTH physically and mentally strong since before he went away to Iraq for the first time, and I'm finally glad to have him back!!!" it was m mother that had me crying like a baby, but the thanks goes to you!!! all the best bud!!!

John C Derry , NH December 1, 2013

default image

“It’s never too late to feel better than you have in years”

Suffering from the side effect of Low T? Have you done your research and now not sure where to go or who to talk to about it? Let me tell you, Charlie Blaisdell is the best!!!Have any questions about BTP? Contact him directly and you will have made the best decision of your life guys!!! See the testimonials and talk to Charlie. Hell, PM me and I will give you all the straight up answers you need. Its never too late to feel better than you have in years. Most likely you do not know just how bad you are feeling. I didn't until I spoke to Charlie and consulted with BTP. Inquiring and asking questions costs nothing and it will be time will spent.

John M. Miami , FL December 12, 2013

default image

” It is life changing!”

Personal Best on the Squat Rack! Thanks Charlie & Staff and Boston Testosterone!! It is life changing!

Frank C Copiague , NY January 19, 2014

default image

“Customer service is awesome with these guys!”

Customer service is awesome with these guys! I was in the beginning process of starting my therapy and got injured I contacted Charlie and let him know what had happened and told him I will need to wait to start and asked if I would be refunded the start up fee since I hadn't started anything. Charlie said yes I can get it back and when I heal up can start the process again. I received my refund within an hour from my talk with Charlie! Just wanted to say thank you and I will be in touch soon!!

Tom M. Exton , PA March 11, 2014

default image

“Wish I had done this for myself long ago. “

I am a Vet 20+ years and also a fighter. I boxed did mma and still teach Muy Thai. I served in the USMC and the ARMY. I am 45 years young and started feeling 45 years old. I called and have only dealt with a fantastic man, Charles, he was available day night or weekend and despite my bothersome ways never did anything accept set me straight and answer any questions I or my family had. I have been on my Meds for all of three weeks and I can tell you at week 1 I felt like a brand new man. Wish I had done this for myself long ago. Recommend this to all men over the age of 30 and thank you Charles I consider you a friend.

Rich O S. Easton , MA March 28, 2014

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“If you want to feel like your young self again contact …

I am a long term patient with BTP and I don’t mind saying that the services are exceptional! Where traditional doctors ignored the symptoms and blood work, BTP took action. Thanks to BTP I finally feel like my old self again! Mood is stable again, I sleep better, have more energy, motivation and confidence.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to again guys. If you want to feel like your young self again contact BTP. You’ll be glad you did.

Jesse M Spring Brook Twp , PA April 30, 2014

default image

” we should never put a price on our happiness and …

My name is James L. and I want to thank Clinic Directer Charlie Blaisdell and the entire medical staff at Boston Testosterone Partners for all they have done to improve my quality of life. I highly recommend you contact them to get yourself tested.

Let me explain, I'm a on call mechanic and I work a minimum of 12 hrs a day, I also have always tried to follow a workout routine to maintain my health and enjoy playing the strength sports. Over the last few years its become considerably more taxing on my body and it has become so easy to cut the most important aspects of my workouts out.

As a result my body fat had gotten out of control and so had my blood pressure, and I just couldn't make myself break the cycle. I kept watching TV and seeing Lot T commercials so I read up on it and yes sir, that was me. Spoke to my doctor about testing my hormone levels but was informed he was opposed to testosterone treatments period. I was left in the cold by him. That's when a friend of mine referred me to the doctors of BTP. I joined the clinic and did everything as it was told to me by their doctors. The clinic director, Charlie Blaisdell, was there for whatever I needed and for every step of the way, from the doctors appointments, to the blood work reading and to helping me understand the meaning of the different therapies they offer.

I have now been with the group since mid January 2014 and I want you to know, I feel GREAT!! I married my fiance we got a small gym in the garage and a room set up for the cardio work, I know do my cardio at least 4 times a week as well as all my accessory work and reps, I started doing work with my church on my days off as well as some work within my community with some local kids. And a small home business to keep me busy on my off days and a little extra money. My blood pressure is now down as well as my body fat. Just knowing that I was taking this step forced me to reevaluate my diet so I eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit with my Btp Superfood supplement.

I refer almost everyone I know to BTP. Honestly, if you are not feeling right anymore, you owe it to yourself to contact this group. I have noting but the highest praise for their skill, care and professionalism. I'm so enthusiastic about the way BTP medical group has helped my that I am getting my wife in for the therapy too.

One more thing, for a long time I felt I couldn't afford this but I know now it's not that expensive at all. And we should never put a price on our happiness and well-being.

James L. Breaux Bridge , LA May 8, 2014

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“took my anxiety away, adjusted my blood pressure and made …

I want to share my story and my experience with BTP and how they have helped my in a lot of ways. This isn't a short story but you may relate with some of the experiences.

In my late 20's I started experiencing stress and anxiety. It wasn't bad at first but it got worse over time. The first time I had an anxiety attack I was driving to CT from NYC on the weekend. I thought I was going to pass out. Luckily I was able to pull over to the side of the highway.

I went to the doctor shortly after that and was put on anxiety meds. Over the next few years, up until I was 36, I was on and off different anxiety meds. I tried to stay on them for a long term and them come off- but of course it kept coming back and sometimes was even worse. Some of the side effects weren't worth it either.

About the same age I started feeling lethargic and just not myself. I got lazy and it was so hard for me to get motivated to do anything. I was a gym rat for a long time and was in good shape. Unfortunately being lazy killed my ambition. I couldn't get the same pump or killer workouts that I used to. This also led to an increase in my body fat. For a while I thought this was part of getting a little older.

Every day things like: "take outhe garbage, please"

"um, no. I will do it later"

Wife huffs, does it herself and is pissed the rest of the day.

Sound familiar?

By the times I was 30, my blood pressure increased and the anxiety was at its worst. I saw a new doctor and was put on anxiety meds again. I also was put on two medications for high blood pressure. Unfortunately, one of the possible side effects of the anxiety meds was "may experience increased anxiety"which of course happened. I has a massive anxiety attack int he gym after a workout. My workout partners called 911 and I was taken to the hospital.

I followed up with my primary doctor and we had a detailed conversation about all my symptoms. Fatigue, no drive, low sex drive, being an asshole to my in-laws more than I was allowed to be, fat, weak, and of course anxiety. He decided to check my testosterone levels and I was REALLY low. In the 180's low.

I was put on HRT at 200mgs of Testosterone Cypionate every two weeks. i thought this dosage was going to be low as it would shut me down and only increase my numbers a little bit. I shared my concern and he said let's test it out and see what happens.
8 weeks go by and I feel only a little bit better. I shared my concerns with him again and he retested my levels. i got a call from the nurse to let me know that this time I was around 240 and in the "normal" range. Ok, it;s a bit better but I know damn well it should be a lot higher than that.

We do this dance for about 4 months and nothing changes. My doctor then recommends seeing an endocrinologist. I agreed and go see her. For some reason I had a bad feeling about this and it turns out I was right to feel that way. After she does a regular physical and asks some questions she tells me I'm on way too much testosterone and it should be half that. She was very rude and acted like I was bothering her from the time she walked in the room. I finished the appointment and didn't bother following up with her.

After this I printed out some documents I found online regarding testosterone levels for age ranges in males. These did not come from bodybuilding or garbage websites you find online. These were studies done from universities and doctors. I med with my regular doctor again, gave him the papers and he tells me not to believe everything I read on the internet. I was shocked and a bit let down. He goes on to tell me this is part of getting older and it's normal for some men to feel like this.


I happened to mention this story to my personal trainer and he mentioned Boston Testosterone. He had recommended one of his other clients to them and the person had such a great experience. I knew I had to do something else because I couldn't stand to feel like this anymore.

I contacted Charlie and he walked my though the steps of getting started. It was so easy. Once I got the physical and blood work done, the doctors and Charlie took care of the rest. I took the standard TRT with the vitamin D3. I swear not even two weeks go by and I felt friggin awesome.
Like I did in my 20's.
My energy levels skyrocketed. i get right out of bed every day at 5:15 which is a half hour before my alarm goes off. Even on the damn weekends. By 8:00 to 9:00am I am ready to get out of the house and to do things. My body fat has gone down, I lost two pant sizes. I'm back in the gym hitting it hard like I used to if not even harder and I gained lean muscle mass. My fatigue is gone! I've been getting a lot of comments at work from people asking if I'm growing sideways!

Reading some of the comments online, I have seen some concerns about if this is affordable. It is. Look, some of you spend quite a bit of money on supplements and herbal remedies a month looking to fix this. This is probably less than that. I knew I was surprised with the TRT when I was given options. Could I afford everything on the long list they can suggest? No. But I don't need to.

The Testosterone, HCG and Anastrozole took my anxiety away, adjusted my blood pressure and made me feel like a damn 20 year old. Will it do it for you? I wouldn't pass up the opportunity for anything. This changed my body, my attitude and the way I live.

I need a new couch. My ass is too small to fit in that huge spot now.

From the previously pissed off wife... I just have to say that this new regimen has made a HUGE difference in my husband's daily life and out marriage. He used to just sit around on the couch and do NOTHING. It would make me absolutely crazy that I would ask for something to be done 15 times and then have to do it myself. He had no interest in doing things around the house or going our with my. After the first conversation he had with Charlie I could see the spark kindle in his eye again. He finally found someone that GOT IT and understood what he had been beating his head against the wall trying to tell his Doctor for years! And once he started the new regimen, I got MY husband back. The man I remember that wanted to play with the kids and make improvements to our house and have fun with me. I actually told him I was going to drive up to the office and give Charlie a big KISS for helping my husband get back to his normal self. I would HIGHLY recommend that if someone even thinks they need this to at least have a conversation and see what the options are. It could make ALL the difference in the world - just like it did for u.

Craig C Ashford , CT May 16, 2014

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“Two VERY big thumbs up from the BTP team”

I am very happy with my test replacement therapy since I hooked up with Boston Testosterone Partners (BTP). I have been a client for almost 30 weeks now I knew my test levels were a little off. My energy levels were lo so I took my blood test got underway and got the right regimen for my body from BTP. I have never felt better! Huge amounts of energy, excellent blood flow, great libido, my body is dialed in and hard as a rock and most importantly perfectly balanced. I have been into bodybuilding (never competitive) and working out for almost 15 years now and I love having a doctor monitoring what’s going into my body at very modest supplementation dosages. People at the gym are always asking what my diet and supplementation regimen consists of. The first thing I do is refer Boston Test Partners for the appropriate dosages for the health benefits. Two VERY big thumbs up from the BTP team who has assisted me and always given me the immediate support for any questions I may have at any time. No joke if I send a text message I’ll get a response within 15-30minutes, unparalleled service!!! All good things from me thus far…

Scott B Andover , MA May 25, 2014

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“Do it now!!”

Just a quick note to say anyone on the fence with replacement therapy...Do it now!! The people at BosTest are awesome, I'm a 50yr old male and thanks to BosTest I feel incredible...I couldn't be happier with the results.. I really can't picture myself not doing replacement therapy. The staff is incredible, Charlie is always available to help with any questions you may have with your protocol.i know getting older is inevitable but I will do it on my terms...

Dan L. nh , nh August 10, 2014

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“I feel great with loads of energy and I am in the best …

I have been working with Boston Testosterone Partners for more than a year now. the clinical director Charlie Blaisdel has been incredibly helpful. He is always quick to answer my questions and is extremely knowledgeable on all of the medications and protocols they offer.

When I started my testosterone levels were under 200. That's the equivalent to a 90+ year old man. I had no energy and could not lose weight to save my life, in fact I was gaining weight. My body fat was 30+%
A little more than a year later, with HRT, diet and exercise, I am proud to say that my testosterone levels are normal, my body fat is now 11%, I feel great with loads of energy and I am in the best shape of my life at age 46.

Deciding to use Boston Testosterone Partners was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I researched several different companies that offer HRT and settled on these guys and I couldn't be happier. In the beginning my wife was extremely skeptical but after visiting their clinic and seeing the results it has brought me she is now a believer in their protocols.

A note on Charlie's professionalism and customer service:
Recently, UPS lost my overnight delivery. I called Charlie and by 10:00am the next day I had a replacement package delivered. You won't find customer service like anywhere.

I you are looking for HRT you won't be disappointed working with these guys.

Greg M Plymouth , MA August 12, 2014

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“My life has changed drastically in the last year and I owe …

Dear Charlie B. and my friends at Boston Testosterone,

I am taking my time today to thank you (Charlie B. and all your colleagues at Boston Testosterone Partners Core New England).

Since starting TRT Protocol last August, I have lost over 65lbs of fat, gained huge amounts of energy and I am truly in the best shape of my life. I have been doing things I haven't done since my college football days.

In the last 2 months I was blessed with my first child - a beautiful girl named Sophia Rose. I thought that at the age of 41 my child having days were over but TRT Protocol with HCG in it made me a "fertile turtle". LOL.

My life has changed drastically in the last year and I owe it mainly to you guys.

Thank you once again, you guys are the best.

Gonna make you a godfather Charlie B. LOL...

Sal D. Copiague , NY August 22, 2014

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” Wow!!! I feel great.”

I am a 57 year year old man. For 2 years I was on TRT using gels. I had been to three different doctors. They had all prescribed prescribed one of the gels. My testosterone levels remained between 190-210. I was feeling frustrated and had all the classic symptoms of low T. I had seen Boston Testosterone Partners ads online and facebook. I was skeptical but decided to call them. The phone was answered by Charlie Blaisdell, clinical director. He explained to me the protocols and therapies they use. After speaking with Charlie my confidence rose. I filled out the forms he emailed me and set an appointment to go to their clinic in Norwood Ma. I live in southern Ct. so it was about a 2 hour drive. When I arrived I met with Dr. Eliot Lach. After an exam we spoke for over a half hour and he answered every question I had. I was impressed by his professionalism and demeanor. He told me he would get back to me in the next few days with the treatments and therapies. Few days later an email arrived with the recomendations. A simple email to Charlie to confirm I wanted to proceed and my meds arrived within a week. It has been three months and last week I had another blood test done. My test level was 1053! Wow!!! I feel great. Boston Testosterone Partners are awesome. Thank You Charlie Blaisdell and Dr. Lach.

Skip S Fairfield , CT September 25, 2014

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“Boston Testosterone Partners is a class operation!”

Boston Testosterone Partners is a class operation! Responsive, professional and trusting! Thank you.

Shawn T. Garrison , NY September 25, 2014

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“You don’t have to be a man to join this clinic!”

B12/Mic/L-carnitine and Sermorelin work great! You don’t have to be a man to join this clinic!

Ruth D Revere , MA September 28, 2014

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“This is a remarkable product”

I've been taking .55-.75 GAC 375mg injectable from BTP/CORE Medical for about a month now. In my opinion this is better than ibuprofen. I have a L3/L4 & L5/S1 disc issue. I am an avid weightlifter and runner. I also teach a MMA fitness class twice a week. I use GAC after any hard workout (especially on back and leg days). I just completed a 1/2 marathon on 8/31 and a full marathon on 10/5. Both those races I took GAC the night before the runs and within a few hours after my runs. My back never bothered me. Not even a spasm.

Prior to me taking GAC any runs over 4 miles or heavy back or leg days in the gym, my back would stiffen up and/or spasm. This is a remarkable product, especially that I'm not even taken the full recommend dose.

I thank the doctors and staff at BTP/CORE Medical (Especially Charlie Blaisdell) for all their help not only in my TRT therapy but for introducing me to the GAC therapy for my lower back issue.

You guys Rock!


Doug W. Strykersville , NY October 15, 2014

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“contact Core New England and Charlie immediately. It can …

I am a 70 year old guy who has always been extremely active, bicycling 4000 to 5000 miles / year , hiking, skiing, and working out in the gym. Over the last few years, I have noticed a gradual drop in my athletic performance, slower recovery from exercise, and a loss of muscle mass. Even more distressingly, I had begun to have increasingly frequent incidents of erectile dysfunction. Given that my diet and exercise level was obviously not the issue and that I had no other health issues, these symptoms strongly suggested low testosterone. I decided to contact Core New England and Charlie Blaisdell. My initial blood work showed that I had the free testosterone of an 85 to 100 year old man.

Based on the results, and a discussion with ever helpful Charlie, I began testosterone replacement therapy with testosterone cypionate, HCG, and anastrozole. As a scientist, I reviewed the available literature, which further confirmed the basis for each of these recommended prescriptions, and so I began treatment. My response was immediate. The following note is excerpted from an email that I sent to Charlie after two weeks on his recommended therapy:

I just wanted to give a quick update on my results so far (after two weeks). Athletically, I feel better than I have in several years. I am finding that when cycling I am in at least one gear higher with the same perceived effort. Last weekend, my wife and I cycled 45 miles over Brandon Gap and Middlebury Gap in Vermont. Ride was easy with no fatigue! I am waking up with morning wood, and the sexual issues are gone. I am getting results from my gym workouts now.

All in all, it is like a miracle!

Update after first ten weeks of therapy:

I continue to feel GREAT! My wife and I have been biking in Colorado and New Hampshire this summer, and I feel stronger that I have in 20 years! We did a 77 mile road bike loop through Pinkham Notch, Crawford Notch, routes 115 and 2 through Gorham and back to Pinkham two days ago and the ride was easier for me that it was when I last did it 10 years ago.

After three months:

The results continue to be amazing. On a recent strenuous hilly week of cycling in Italy, I had no problems keeping up with men 20 years younger than me, and in all ways I feel at least 20 to 30 years younger that before beginning testosterone replacement therapy. I have regained the muscle mass that I had lost over the last few years, and I recover from strenuous exertion in the way I did when I was much younger. Erectile dysfunction is a thing of the past.

Charlie is always available to for advice and to answer questions. If you suspect low testosterone, my advice is to contact Core New England and Charlie immediately. It can transform your life! It did mine!

Bob G Lexington , MA November 13, 2014

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” their products and level of expertise in the field are of …

Recently I had some personal family health issues that forced me to suspend my treatment with Core. I sent Mr. Blaisdell a request to send me a refund of a recent order so I could free up some much needed cash flow. Charlie sent me a full refund and it was almost immediate!! Mr. Blaisdell and the whole staff are some of the most professional and courteous individuals of any company I've dealt with ever!! I look forward to coming back as soon as I'm physically able to do so. He assured me that when I am ready id be welcomed back and with the exact same level of professionalism as before. People like Charlie are the reason why customers keep coming back!! And their products and level of expertise in the field are of the highest available anywhere.. Thanks guys!! Your truly professionals and I consider you as friends now. Chris Tranos

Chris T Rockport , MA November 13, 2014

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“since starting GAC my neck is no longer bothering me”

I started taking GAC because I have pretty bad tendonitis in my elbow. It's been about 3 1/2 weeks since I started and the elbow is already feeling better. The crazy part is that I've had a pinched nerve in my neck for over a year now which I've been seeing a Chiropractor for with little to no relief. It's been a nagging issue that I can't get rid of. Well, since starting GAC my neck is no longer bothering me. No more pain which is amazing. I'm quite confident it is from the GAC because it's the only thing I've changed. This stuff really seems top notch. –

Peter W. Lunenburg , MA January 29, 2015

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“I can’t say enough about the level of attention given”

I can't say enough about the level of attention given by such a busy man. This is something that effects so many with such few options. One could easily set up a conga line and open the gates but not Charlie & Co. His team takes the time to look at each persons particular history and recommends strong, educated scenarios. I personally had put on 80 pounds due to a heart surgery aftermath and was treated like family. If you've lost that fire due to age or injury I can assure you that you've come to the right place. I am on my way back to my old self pre-surgery and all of my sports and military injuries at 41 that seemed to lengthy to overcome now are just something to be aware of thanks to being lucky enough to find the right people on the end of my search for BTP...

Reese C nh , nh February 27, 2015

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” Please talk to my new friend Charlie they will do it …

It is too bad most men think lot T no sex, not true that could be a symptom but for me it was much more get tested and do your homework these people know how to treat this, putting stuff under your arms, pellets in your ass, gel on your chest is just ridiculous. Please talk to my new friend Charlie they will do it right.

Dave S Smithfield , RI March 24, 2015

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“He literally changed my wife and mines life”

Easiest thing to do is call the clinic director Charlie B. The man is a human encyclopedia when it comes to TRT therapy, and all the additional products and therapies BTP has to offer... been with Charlie for 3 years now (35yrs old)... he literally changed my wife and mines life... by adjusting meds after being sent to donate to a cup, less than 5 months later my wife and I got pregnant the good old fun way... now we have a beautiful 10 month old and I can actually be 35 not feel 80...

John C. Derry , NH April 11, 2015

default image

It is simply Awesome!

I came across BTP by sheer luck and I thank God. A female friend of mine from the gym I go to liked this page and of course it showed up on mine. I had to check it out. Im reading it and saying to myself can this be real. Well let me tell I am 58 years old and have been working out for the past 35 years. My legs and back are in pretty good shape but for the last 8 years or so my shoulders have felt like they were screwed on with a pipe wrench. I dreaded my upper body workouts but I have a strong will and get through but as you can imagine it's hard to get any results when you are in pain. I have moderate arthritis in my right one and tendonitis in both. I have been on the therapy for about 1 month now and I am simply astonished. My shoulders have loosed up to the point I can train without the pain. I also had a hard time building muscle. I feel like I am blowing up like a baloon. I had to tell Charlie he is the best he takes my calls and always returns them. I felt like I was a pain in the ass but could not believe the results I was getting. I called him just yesterday to tell him I feel like sprinting,fucking, jumping, boxing and I believe I can. I feel that good so if you have any doubts please believe me this will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself and I can't thank Charlie enough it almost seems to good to be true! Oh yes and one more thing I forgot to mention I can cut glass with mr. Winky. It is simply Awesome!

Anonymous Philadelphia , PN May 11, 2015

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can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring!!!

If it was not for you I would have continued smearing that gel on me and blowing up my prostate to the point I'd have cancer by the time I'm 40 (32 now)... Guys listen to your body like you would your car, if there's a flat tire don't go in for an oil change, seek out the proper "repair" shop and get it fixed by the person with the most knowledge... You wouldn't drive your kids around like that, so don't do it to your body... I'm only in my first week of my Therapy, but can already mentally feel a change happening... If your skeptical call Charlie, he will give you so much info that your primary Dr or in my case even my urologist didn't tell me... Again, great post and thanks for everything Charlie, even the 11:30pm phone call returned after my first dose!!


Wanted to post an update on my therapy so far with BTP and Charlie... Just did my third test/Vit D injection yesterday... thus far, down 2 belt holes (now needing to go pant and bet shopping) leaning out and feeling stronger not only at the gym lifting weights, but also at the rock climbing gym where i'm not lactic acid burning out as quick on the wall and also on the ice both coaching and playing... can't believe its only been 2 full weeks... oh and I know guys reading this are going to read it and go see all he's getting are superficial gains... let me get to the important stuff, waking up with energy (not slowly waking up downing 2 red bulls then getting in the shower), focus and memory getting better (i'm an Iraq and Afghanistan vet with PTSD and Traumatic brain injury, so this is HUGE for me) and I guess i'll add in the any time any place anywhere part that my wife is now starting to really enjoy ;p ... Charlie is an endless fountain of knowledge and answers when I need it, couldn't ask for better service... can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring!!!

Anonymous Providence , RI May 12, 2015

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Thank you forever for your commitment

I have been with Boston Testosterone for a little over a month now and I am very happy to report that things are going well. I had severely low testosterone levels and now I really do feel so much better; any doubts I may have had have all been dissipated completely.

They are a top notch outfit with a very classy medical office and their doctor and staff have been so accomodating and insightful. I have been making many lifestyle changes somewhat simultaneously along with the BTP protocol.

I have been able to achieve erectile strength that I have not seen in more than 15 plus years as well as an almost insatiable libido and the ability to have very powerful and healthy orgasms that I felt I would never be able to enjoy again! I'm also calmer, my skin looks great and my confidence level is so much better.

I am not trying to share all my business but, the improvements that I have been able to feel and see has been nothing short of miraculous!

You told me this on day one.

You told me that I would not be sorry.

You told me that my life would change.

Oh boy!

You underestimated the power of your protocols!

Of course, your ability to listen to me, answer my phone calls and emails prior to making the decision to just do this combined with your tenacity in asking the correct questions in order to suggest the correct combination of supplementation in order to have the most impact and get the best bang for my buck, so to speak, really sealed the deal. Without your advice, I am sure I would have been slighting myself.

The entire team at Boston Testosterone really cared about ME. You cared about my problems and my issues and you made it apparent from the git-go that I just needed to say what it was I was concerned about and what I was struggling with without feeling embarrassed or anything and not to worry about it. You didn't make light of anything I said. You had heard it all before and you confidently expressed your understanding as well as sound solutions to my needs and resolve my problems effectively and timely.

I already know I do not want to be without any of these products EVER again.

Thank you forever for your commitment to making a difference in my health and well-being.

Anonymous Boston , MS May 13, 2015

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I was a Crossfitter, now I am a Crossfit Athlete

As a 35 year old man, I am not supposed to have low testosterone! However, in February, I had my GP do a Blood Screening and found my T levels were that of a 90 year old man! My GP, said they were within normal range however all of the research I did proved him wrong. I was constantly tired, taking TONS of over the counter supplements trying to gain energy and stamina.

Then I met Charlie and the BTP Doctors and they answered all my questions, and knew more than my other doctors. They did my blood work and found that my T levels were in-fact that of a 90 year old man and my Esterol levels were high enough to classify me a lady!

As a background, over the past 12 years I have lost over 200 lbs and as explained to me fat produces estrogen so my hormones were basically just completely out of whack. I had even suffered from stage 1 breast cancer because of my obesity.

Charlie and the BTP doctors explained that they could get me back on track and in March that is exactly what I did.

After just 20 weeks of treatment I am a 35 year old man again. My life is on full track. Before treatment I was a Crossfitter, now I am a Crossfit Athlete and will continue reaching my training and life goals. Thank you Charlie and the BTP Team and I look forward to the years to come with BTP!

Barner J. San Diego , CA May 14, 2015

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“The injections are painless and no need to worry about my …

I have been on your products for two weeks. Today was the start of my third week. Let me tell you, not only do I feel as strong as I did when I was 25, I’m forty now, but the way they give me energy, help me breathe better and heal faster is amazing to me! I started playing softball again this year and have had semi pulled muscles in both legs each night after a game to the point I could hardly walk after the game. Since I’ve been on TRT and glutathione and ghrp-2, by the end of the following day I’m pretty much normal! Thank you for your products you are a godsend. My regular physician suggested TRT but I am glad I went to you guys before I went on some cream. The injections are painless and no need to worry about my son or wife contacting my cream sites. I feel great no more depression, very high energy, I sleep better, I have vivid, colorful dreams, I can’t wait to play with my son, you guys are everything you claim. Thank you Charlie and staff, for answering all my bothersome questions no matter what time. You have a customer and a friend for life!

Chuck S Tomahawk , WI June 12, 2015

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Awesome place, 8 months and lost 30lbs, best I’ve felt in …

Awesome place, 8 months and lost 30lbs, best I've felt in years

Ken D Weatherford , TX August 7, 2015

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These guys get it and they WILL help you!

I'm 42 and have been dealing with low testosterone for almost 10 years. I've spent countless amounts of time and money on different doctors and " remedies", which gave me no tangible results. I always felt exhausted and fatigued, had no drive to do anything , basically all I wanted to do is to stay in bed all day... Not the best way to live your life...One day when I was researching online about testosterone, I came across BTP website and decided to give it a try , because at that point my T was below 200 , and I was running out of options. I called BTP and they referred me to Charlie Blaisdell. Upon contacting Charlie , I immediately felt that I was talking to someone who understood the situation and knew exactly what to do. I met with dr. Lach, who is hands down the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever talked to. He set up a therapy protocol for me, and the rest is history . It's now been 6 months on TRT and I feel great ! I work out again, I'm stronger, I have energy and drive , I lost weight and things just keep getting better. I've also added some extra therapies that Charlie recommended, such as sermorelin , and have had phenomenal results with it. Customer service with BTP is OUTSTANDING . They return your calls, they pay attention to you, and they WANT you to get better. If you, just like me, got tired of wasting your time and money on doctors who don't know how to help you, give BTP a call. These guys get it and they WILL help you!

Hank H Clinton , MA August 14, 2015

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“My therapy has already drastically reduced many of the …

I started as a patient of CORE New England ~2 months ago. My therapy has already drastically reduced many of the symptoms I was experiencing and had unsuccessfully attempted to managed together with my PCP and other specialists the past 5 years. I no longer need medicine to fall and stay asleep, or for anxiety, and depression. I don't even feel the urge to drink alcohol. Every week or so I notice other improvements. I also feel an increase in cognitive ability and energy which has really helped my work. My strength, recovery, and lean body mass have also increased. I look forward to working out more because I know the results won't just disappear after a few days, as they did when my testosterone was low. This also motivates me to keep eating healthy. All of this has given me a sense of well-being and balance. My wife even said she notices I last a lot longer by myself in the shower...err I mean with her in the bedroom :-). It is reassuring knowing Charlie and Nick are just a quick phone call, text or email away should I have follow-up questions or require adjustments to certain dosages. They are very knowledgeable and realize every patient's case is unique based on their symptoms, past medical history, exam, and blood work, and the therapy offered is not a one size fits all approach.

Don J Bedford , NH April 25, 2017

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