Low Testosterone levels in Men Linked to Whole Body Inflammation

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Low testosterone levels have been linked to a marker of whole body inflammation, C Reactive Protein. When germs, high levels of fat in blood or high blood pressure are present they cause cellular injury, resulting in inflammation of the body. Harboring inflammation over an extended period of time can lead to tissue destruction and a variety of health problems such as allergies, cancer, arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

A recent study has found a link that was very strong in overweight men as well as those with the risk factors of heart disease, such as low testosterone . High blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, smoking and high blood fats were positively linked to increased C Reactive Protein, therefore inflammation.

Very importantly, higher levels of total testosterone (TT, β = −0·114, 95%CI, −0·162 to −0·065), free testosterone (β = −0·059, 95%CI, −0·106 to −0·012) and SHBG (β = −0·116, 95%CI, −0·169 to −0·063) were statistically significantly related to lower levels of C Reactive Protein (Clinical Endocrinology, 78: 60-66, 2013).

The clinical studies surrounding the associated dangers of low testosterone (LOW T) in men are staggering.

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