ED is a warning sign of Low Testosterone and Serious Disease

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Boston, Massachusetts – In addition to ED (Erectile Dysfunction) being troublesome for millions of men nationwide, it is very often a sign of low testosterone levels , as well as serious disease in men. ED has been linked to coronary artery disease and diabetes.

Shockingly, ED increases the risk of heart attack and stroke by 45 percent in men. Much the same as smoking and a family history of heart disease, ED is also predictive value for a heart attack.

While drugs like Viagra and Cialis can mask the issue as a temporary fix, what many Primary Care Doctors have missed is the diagnosis of the root, or underlying, cause. Low testosterone, poor blood vessels, metabolic health and lifestyle are critical issues to be addressed by doctors.

If you are a man of 30 years of age and feel you may be suffering from ED, Low Testosterone, Hypogonadism or Andropause, contact Boston Testosterone Partners today for a consult on how you can get tested and treated for Testosterone Replacement Therapy .

Boston Testosterone is a Testosterone Replacement, Wellness and Preventative Medicine Medical Center that treats and prevents the signs and symptoms associated with Andropause and hormone imbalances. With affiliates nationally, Boston Testosterone offers hormone replacement therapy, weight loss protocols, erectile dysfunction (ED), Sermorelin-GHRP2 therapy and neutraceutical injectable therapies for men and women. Their medical facilities offer physician examinations and treatment programs that incorporate the latest in Testosterone Therapy and medical sciences.

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