Aug 14, 2015 | | Clinton, MA
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

I’m 42 and have been dealing with low testosterone for almost 10 years. I’ve spent countless amounts of time and money on different doctors and ” remedies”, which gave me no tangible results. I always felt exhausted and fatigued, had no drive to do anything , basically all I wanted to do is to stay in bed all day… Not the best way to live your life…One day when I was researching online about testosterone, I came across BTP website and decided to give it a try , because at that point my T was below 200 , and I was running out of options. I called BTP and they referred me to Charlie Blaisdell. Upon contacting Charlie , I immediately felt that I was talking to someone who understood the situation and knew exactly what to do. I met with dr. Lach, who is hands down the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever talked to. He set up a therapy protocol for me, and the rest is history . It’s now been 6 months on TRT and I feel great ! I work out again, I’m stronger, I have energy and drive , I lost weight and things just keep getting better. I’ve also added some extra therapies that Charlie recommended, such as sermorelin , and have had phenomenal results with it. Customer service with BTP is OUTSTANDING . They return your calls, they pay attention to you, and they WANT you to get better. If you, just like me, got tired of wasting your time and money on doctors who don’t know how to help you, give BTP a call. These guys get it and they WILL help you!