Jun 13, 2013 | | Schaumburg, IL
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Hello, my name is Ed. This is a first for me. I rarely read testimonials because I just don’t believe them. Now I am writing one. Here is a bit of history on me. I am 47. IN 2002 I competed in a bodybuilding competition I tore my right rotator cuff and had surgery just after the competition. During the recovery I ended up tearing it up again and then I needed reconstructive surgery. It was a 3 year long recovery. During those 3 years I ended up gaining 80 pounds and lost all my energy. I was very depressed with my physical being. I was lethargic, achy, and I was always tired. I knew that what was happening to me was not normal. I went to my personal Dr. and got blood work and an exam. The biggest thing that stuck out was that my Test count was 179. Normal is between 800 and 1,200. I asked if he would give me a prescription for TRT however the “Dr.” didn’t think I needed it. I went home and did all the research on test and found out that low test is a precursor to diabetes, strokes, heart attacks. I decided to go to an endocrinologist thinking they would know the importance of hormone replacement therapy. I had no luck there. I then tried an Anti-Aging clinic, and if I was willing to spend $1,500 a month for test alone all would be ok. I was not. I was referred to another Dr. whom prescribed Axiron 30mg. In the first 6 months my test went up to 279. Still low, but I was feeling much better. I was going to the gym again. I was much happier. I did have one setback. I ended up getting a tear in my left bicep. The next 6 months it all went back to the way I was before. My new blood test showed that my count went down to 123! The Dr.’s answer to this was just keep the Axiron and “Let’s see what happens”.I was about to give in when I heard Boston Testosterone commercial. I filled out the form on line; Charlie called me up right away. I told him all my issues and he had me up and running within a week. We all know about how the Test is needed. Well my concern was about the tare in my bicep. Charlie strongly recommended the sermorelin ghrp2. THIS IS A MUST! IT WORKS!! I am telling you I have no more pain in my bicep and I am getting all my strength back in that arm. Charlie and Boston Testosterone – THANK YOU !!