Apr 27, 2013 | | Lynchburg, VA
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Contacting Charlie and BTP was the single best thing to happen in my life in years! No joke. I’m a natural skeptic so I debated with myself for months about whether BTP and T Therapy were right for me. Well, let me assure you it was 100% right for me and Charlie is the coolest guy to work with. He responded to my inquiry immediately, explained the whole procedure and listened & answered my questions (there were many) :/ I’ve been on the BTP therapy now for 4 months and I’m seeing and feeling some amazing results. My energy level is way up and I’m working out harder and doing hot yoga. I’m feeling more confident in general and my body is getting ripped. At age 55, that is pretty exciting and amazing. I want to thank Charlie and BTP for getting started on this very positive journey!