Jun 18, 2013 | | Derry, NH
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

So I just finished week 19…added Gac, ghrp2, gluthione. The difference from my first 10 weeks to this set was unreal…energy up 10 fold, my moods (stupid PTSD from Iraq and Afghanistan) much improved says the wife 😛 and then the GAC!! After week 5 I finally did a press with minimal pain! 32 years old and I haven’t been able to do a shoulder press in 8 years. Arms went from a tiny 14” to a not tiny 15”. Not only am I feeling more and more daily like the 32 year old man I should, but my wife is loving the changes, both physically and mentally. I’m alert, energized and just ready to attack each day, unlike when I was first diagnosed and was slapping those gels on me with no results after almost 8 months. A HUGE thank you to Charlie, not often you get a guy like him who gives a damn about each and every question I have and every patient he has. Thanks again! Can’t wait for this weeks package.