May 23, 2013 | | Mansfield, PA
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

I just wanted to thank Boston Testosterone Partners and Charlie for giving me my life back. I am 37 years old on week 4 of therapy and all I can say is wow. My family doctor told me my test level was fine at 200 and I knew that was a crock of bull, so in desperation I called Charlie to help me because I felt like I was slowly just wasting away. He educated me, had me evaluated, and helped me with any questions about my tailored program. Well, it’s only been 4 weeks and my waist has gone from a size 38 to 34, my strength on all lifts are steadily increasing in the gym, my energy level is out the roof, and I am not struggling to stay up past 8pm every night. I am now getting the best sleep every night and my mojo is back.Thanks again to BTP for giving me my life back.