Apr 24, 2013 | | Boston, MA
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

When I told my primary care that I wanted my test levels checked she told me “Oh no we don’t check that at your age.” Next time in her office I asked once more telling her that from the research I had done that it was reasonable to believe that given my injuries, chemical exposure and military combat experience that my levels had increased, and my sex drive had taken a big hit. My eating habits were still the same and I was still in the gym just as much and more. She then told me “Well that’s just how it is for some people. It’s natural.” So I went and had my test levels checked anyways. Once I got my test results back low and behold my levels were extremely reduced! Wow who would have thought? My primary cares opinion was that in her experience nothing was wrong or if there was it was natural and just “something you have to deal with”.And that answer to me was unacceptable. As a grown man I am the one that is responsible for how I feel and how I look. And I can now say I’m on the way to both those things being back to normal for me. Thank you Charlie you are the best!