May 25, 2014 | | Andover, MA
Client's rating: 5 of 5

I am very happy with my test replacement therapy since I hooked up with Boston Testosterone Partners (BTP). I have been a client for almost 30 weeks now I knew my test levels were a little off. My energy levels were lo so I took my blood test got underway and got the right regimen for my body from BTP. I have never felt better! Huge amounts of energy, excellent blood flow, great libido, my body is dialed in and hard as a rock and most importantly perfectly balanced. I have been into bodybuilding (never competitive) and working out for almost 15 years now and I love having a doctor monitoring what’s going into my body at very modest supplementation dosages. People at the gym are always asking what my diet and supplementation regimen consists of. The first thing I do is refer Boston Test Partners for the appropriate dosages for the health benefits. Two VERY big thumbs up from the BTP team who has assisted me and always given me the immediate support for any questions I may have at any time. No joke if I send a text message I’ll get a response within 15-30minutes, unparalleled service!!! All good things from me thus far…

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