Mar 18, 2013 | | Jefferson City, TN
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

To Charlie B. and the Boston Testosterone Staff, I just wanted to say thank you!! Your clinic has changed my life! For all you guys that are reading this, if you feel like you have any symptoms of Low T and your doctor refuses to test you or keeps blowing you off and saying its just part of getting older…it’s total B.S.!! It’s so dangerous for doctors to be doing that to us, we should never be forced to live with Low Test levels because a doctor doesn’t want to test us. It’s absurd. The risk of men having heart attacks from living with low t are too huge!! And doctors don’t want to talk about it. Boston Testosterone understands this and explained all the clinical studies to me.I also did a lot of research and called all the other testosterone therapy doctors in the US. No other doctors explained the importance of balanced hormones like Charlie did for me. There is a reason why they are ranked number one by google for best testosterone the therapy doctors!! Hands down, Charlie is the most knowledgeable person I have ever spoke to in the Testosterone Replacement field and he is also unbelievable attentive to my concerns. Not once has a phone call, text message or email ever gone unanswered!! My first call into him, he returned to me while he was on vacation with his family. We spoke for a long time and I never got rushed off the phone either. Couldn’t believe it. He talked to me in works I could understand too. That level of care and service is unheard of today.Give Boston Testosterone a call and change your life! I now have access to many therapies that my doctor has totally no idea about. All great and healthy things like glutathione therapy. I battled for so long until I came across BTP. I feel compelled to write this for them and for you.If you are like me and are waiting to find the best clinic to use for testosterone therapy, look no further. Boston testosterone has the best protocols and the lowest prices for these medications in the US. Others like me don’ts have to suffer needlessly anymore or make the wrong decision in choosing a doctor. I can’t believe what a difference the Boston Testosterone protocols have made for me. I feel like my old self again. Energy, fat loss and my strength are all back. It’s night and day from what my prior doctors has me on. Call him and you’ll experience it firsthand. Charlie is a man of his word, honest and just one of the good guys out there!! Pretty obvious from reading the facebook page too. I’m just so happy to be able to consider him a good friend of mine. Thanks again my friend!